About Us

Our fearless finicky fastidious founder, Benjamin M. Pooper, was born in a podunk town in central Louisiana. He had a meager upbringing and always dreamed of overcoming the plight that was his childhood. As a strapping young man in his early 20's, Mr. Pooper got a job as a stock boy at the Big Chain Grocery in the big city of Shreveport.

After being promoted to manager of the store and tirelessly proving himself as a leader, he was approached by Old Man Freeman, who owned Freeman Paper, to sell for his company. Mr. Freeman was selling paper products to Big Chain grocery and had noticed Mr. Pooper's determination and acumen. Mr. Pooper accepted the job offer and not long after, he rose to the top salesman in the company. A lot of folklore fills the parts of this story between Mr. Pooper's hiring and his leaving the company to start his own venture. The most common version involves Mrs. Freeman not liking that Mr. Pooper was fishing on Fridays, but who really knows.

The rest, as they say, is history. The company has had a few iterations over the years, and Mr. Pooper never really cared for his last name. But we think it should be celebrated!

The tenants of our company have been engrained in us by Mr. Pooper himself:

  • Be fastidious when it comes to serving your Customers.
  • Cut the crap when it comes to demanding the best price.
  • Be finicky about staying lean and mean.
  • Have fun with your work, it's contagious!